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Navi RN Preceptor

Navi Concierge Nurses

Navi Concierge Nurses

Phoenix, AZ, USA
Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2024

Navi Nurses RN Preceptor Role
(Please note, this is a internal role application only. You must be a current RN Contractor with Navi Nurses in order to apply)

Company Summary

Navi Nurses is a private duty nursing company that delivers personalized care for clients and caretakers at every stage of their healthcare journey. Navi was built by nurses for nurses, empowering RN contractors to rediscover joy in their nursing career by providing comprehensive care directly to post-surgical, aging, and end of life clients.

Founded in 2021, Navi Nurses has helped hundreds of nurses to provide thousands of hours of care across the greater Phoenix area. Navi is hiring a Nurse Navigator to help continuously improve the company’s standards of care for clients, nurses, and healthcare partners, while also supporting the scale of Navi’s operations.

What does a Navi RN Preceptor do?

As an RN Preceptor with Navi Nurses, you have the unique opportunity to host an amazing experience for a Navi RN Candidate. You can provide the kind of Shadow Shift you would have found ideal and welcoming with any new RN role.
Our experienced candidates are discovering who we are at Navi, what we do that is different than the standard healthcare RN role, and whether or not Navi is the right fit for them, and vice versa. Based off of your time and experience with Navi Clients, you get to break down the role in a practical sense and put everything they have learned so far into a tangible experience. We call it a Shadow Shift, but it truly is a working interview.
Starting with your first contact with an RN Candidate, you set the tone for their experience. Unlike some hospital training experiences where nurses "eat their young" or the environment is stressful, fast paced or impersonal, we get to reinvent the training process through our working interview. You can set their nerves at ease with kindness from the first contact all the way through the direct care experience. Inviting them to jump right in and provide assessments, care and familiarizing them with the holistic care we give in a private residence. Ways to utilize their time, how we look at + treat the whole person and their support or family members, and how we go above and beyond to leave them better than when we first arrived.

Following the direct care portion of the shift, you sit down with them at a nearby location of your choosing and walk them through our charting process, tips and tricks within our Connecteam platform, and share from your own personal experience schedule management, utilization of our chain of command, and how to handle a variety of situations.

Your contribution to their initial direct care experience with Navi Nurses is invaluable, as it helps develop their own confidence and feeling of collaboration within our unique community of nurses. As an RN Preceptor, you evaluate the RN as a peer, noting their confidence, clinical skillset, social engagement, willingness to go above and beyond, and their professionalism. You complete an evaluation at the end the experience and are the primary determining voice in collaboration with our Leadership team in whether or not they are officially offered a role as an RN Contractor with Navi Nurses.

Minimum Qualifications & Education Requirements

  • Successfully complete a single session Virtual Preceptor Training
  • Navi RN Contractors with at least 6 months or >250 hours and:
    • 2 General or Aging Category: IV Rx, Wounds, Ostomy, Catheter, Drains, Medication Management, Advocacy, transportation home from hospital, Aging/ADLsMust have completed shifts from each Client Category:
    • 2 Post-Surgical, Post-Hospitalization or EOL/Hospice Client shift (one of each also acceptableArizona RN license in good standing, unencumbere
    • 1 Honor Health Grant Shift or Transition from Hospital-to-Home Client shift
  • 4+ years of direct client care experience (at least 1 year in an acute setting within the last 5 years).
  • Current AHA BLS and/or ACLS.
  • ASN or higher & graduated from an accredited nursing program.

    RN Preceptor Requirements

    Nurses seeking to advance with leadership roles with Navi Nurses must exhibit exemplary actions and behaviors in all aspects of Client direct care and interactions with the greater RN Contractor team, as well as with Leadership. Exemplary behaviors and actions that will be taken into consideration when an applicant applies for an advanced role with Navi Nurses include but are not limited to:

    • Works a minimum of 4 shifts per month.
    • Consistent activity and engagement in Connecteam (i.e. commenting on / “liking” posts, participating in group/Client chats, regularly logging into the Connecteam app, 3-5x/week).
    • Shows proficiency across all platforms (Connecteam/time clock/scheduling, Charm EHR charting/navigating
    • Up to date on all certifications, licensure, policies including independent liability and auto insurance, direct deposit and a completed W9
    • Shows consistent professionalism with Clients, peers and leadership.
    • Consistently goes “above and beyond” with Clients.
    • Receives excellent informal performance reviews from Nurse Navigators, Care Specialists, DoN and any other team members.
    • Regularly refers RN friends to the company, potential clients, and regularly promotes Navi Nurses publicly (i.e. social media).
    • Regularly demonstrates kindness, compassion and encouragement to RN peers in chats or in person, and has no complaints of aggressive or unkind behaviors from other nurses, partners, or other members of the care team.
    • Demonstrate high-quality schedule management and is punctual.


    • Remote; must have access to a computer / laptop, phone and reliable internet


    • Minimum of 2 RN Preceptor shifts per month, preferably more as demand increases.
    • Flexibility in weekly hours and days worked.
    • The RN Preceptor is responsible for independently claiming 1 or 1.5 hour direct care shifts within Connecteam and making those dates/times available to the HR Team for Shadow Shift scheduling following each monthly orientation date. You will not be assigned Shadow Shifts.


    • Role Type
      • This is a 1099 contract position.
      • $135 for 2 hours (direct client care hour paid at the standard $60/hour rate; the additional 1 hour of New Nurse teaching following the direct care experience paid at $75 per hour).
    • Benefits: Not applicable. This is a 1099 contract position.

      Navi Nurses Hiring Process

      Navi Nurses will be hiring a designated number of RN Preceptors quarterly based on backend data. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted regarding next steps. If you are not selected as a candidate during the quarter you applied, you may be selected in an upcoming quarterly hiring. Your application will remain "live and active" if you are a qualified candidate.

      Navi is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered for this role without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.