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Abstrakt is working to redefine the Conversational Intelligence market. We offer Real-time Conversational Coaching Software as an alternative to reactive analytics via call recording solutions. Abstrakt was specifically designed to be agile, and work across your tech stack or video conferencing and dialer technologies - no integrations or phone systems are required, ever. If you have to choose one or the other, Real-time Conversational Coaching or post-call analytics, you will choose the one that closes deals faster right? If you can have both, even better. Never lose another deal, miss a ramping quota, or fail to book a meeting again.

ActiveClass is a social learning platform for higher education that puts courses and the campus community into one place. This brings proper course communication, student collaboration, and community building in the digital and social ways in which they all do it nowadays. Share notes, videos, recordings, and meetups all within a single LMS tool. They assists schools and teachers in developing active learning communities that increase student engagement and improve student outcomes. ActiveClass' intuitive social tools integrate seamlessly into the LMS, allowing instructors and students to easily post, discuss, and grade any and all course-related topics.

AdviNOW Medical (ANM) uses artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to completely automate the medical patient encounter and enable doctors to work at the top of their license. Both the patient and doctor experience are augmented with AI and AR to nearly eliminate repetitive tasks and allow the doctor to focus only on the decision of diagnosis, treatment and the patient consult. This automation reduces total provider time-per-patient that increases clinic throughput velocity and reduces patient wait times while maintaining the personal nature of the patient-doctor consult. The AI assures each patient has an exact and personal consistency of care to assure the most appropriate care coordination and optimal outcomes which leads to increased patient satisfaction. ANM fundamentally reduces the cost to run existing clinics and is a common platform to drive point of care to the home. This invention promises to revolutionize healthcare for the entire world as every person has access to affordable care.

Aramid Technologies is a subscription supplier collaboration platform that is taking the paper and the work out of supply chain paperwork. Its flagship product, SmartCert®, streamlines the laborious and error prone process of preparing and exchanging quality certifications. SmartCert serves as the foundation for the future of digitizing and automating compliance documentation in global supply chains.

Aspireship is a career development and hiring platform for the SaaS industry. We train and match high potential sales candidates with great SaaS companies looking to hire. We do this through an exclusive network of candidates who prove themselves through our proprietary training and assessment process, and also by providing tools to help companies better discover talent within their existing network. Learn more at www.aspireship.com.

Workforce productivity and training tool. SaaS

Better Agency is an all-in-one platform that gives Insurance Agents a high-tech, yet easy-to-use solution for marketing, prospecting, sales and retention – without the stress of learning how to build and use different systems. Better Agency was designed to relieve you of the headache that comes from growing your business and keeping your clients happy. No more having to become a tech master to get results for your agency.

Big Data Studios is blending Video Technology & Data to create a hyper-relevant brand experience for your customers.

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Botco.ai is a HIPAA-compliant platform enabling meaningful and intelligent conversations between providers and consumers. Botco.ai is a fully-automated, AI-powered marketing chat solution that can be implemented at scale. The company offers industry-leading authoring, webchat, and AI machine-learning capabilities to quickly and effectively convert more customers. Botco.ai’s Integrated Analytics Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of chat campaigns across multiple channels such as web and Facebook Messenger. The API-based interface can be used to transfer leads, transcripts, and data into enterprise sales and marketing automation products like Salesforce, Hubspot, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Zoho.

ChangeSync is a centralized solution for managing, tracking, and reporting on change management projects. It's easy to use, but sophisticated enough to capture the complexities of change and manage it strategically throughout an organization. ChangeSync was created with level executives in mind, as well as change practitioners in charge of putting such changes into action.

Design Pickle is a global graphic design and creative services company providing thousands of businesses with unlimited, high-quality design and illustration work at a flat rate. Design Pickle was created to deliver reliable, affordable, and scalable creative content to any business.

Find any file, regardless of where its stored with Digitile's cross-platform file search platform. Digitile centralizes search results across Google Drive, Gmail, GSuite, Dropbox, OneDrive, Slack and Trello all in one place so you don't have to sign in and out of different accounts. Digitile complements your existing software solutions. We are not asking you to stop using them, we just want to help you find assets scattered across all your cloud platforms.