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Sr. Director of AI Engineering, Data Science and Machine Learning



Software Engineering, Data Science
Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2024

Postscript is redefining marketing for ecommerce companies. By introducing SMS as an entirely new channel for ecommerce stores to engage, retain, and convert their customer base, brands are seeing huge ROI with Postscript. Backed by Greylock, Y Combinator and other top investors, Postscript is growing fast and looking for remarkable people to help build a world class organization.

As the Sr. Director of AI at Postscript, you will spearhead the strategic integration and management of AI and ML capabilities across our product lines and within new product lines. You will lead embedded AI engineering resources ensuring that artificial intelligence and machine learning become cornerstone competencies that drive innovation across the company and revenue for our customers.

* We are not open to working with external agencies on this role and are only considering candidates based in North America* This is a fully remote position.

You will be responsible for the engineering delivery, resource management, and revenue lift performance related to standalone AI product lines and embedded AI features into other product lines. Your success will be measured by:

  1. The revenue lift that AI/ML product lines and features generate for merchants

As a Sr. Director you will be a member of the Postscript Leadership Team (includes all Directors and above and the Senior Leadership Team). You will likely interact regularly with this layer, which includes (VP Sales, VP Product Marketing, Directors and VPs of Customer Success, Director of BI, Directors of Product & Engineering, and more.

You will also be the DRI for our AI strategic initiative, which involves regular interaction with the Senior Leadership Team (see details below).

Primary duties

  • Team Leadership: Recruit, manage, and develop a high-performing AI and ML team that collaborates effectively with various engineering teams.
  • Strategic Vision: Craft and refine the AI vision with our CPO and CEO, aligning with business goals to enhance product offerings across multiple lines.
  • Process Management: Oversee the processes for integrating ML team outputs with broader product teams, ensuring seamless implementation and functionality.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with the VP Engineering, and Directors of Engineering (Product and Platform) to foster integration of AI innovations into existing and new products.
  • Roadmap Execution: Partner with the Chief Product Officer (CPO) and fellow engineering directors to develop and execute a robust AI roadmap, translating strategic goals into actionable plans.
  • Advocacy and Training: Promote AI and ML literacy within the organization, advocating for scalable adoption and understanding of AI capabilities.
  • Performance Metrics: Define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for the AI and ML functions to assess impact and drive continuous improvement.
  • Technology Scouting and Implementation: Stay abreast of emerging AI and ML technologies and methodologies, recommending and implementing cutting-edge solutions to maintain and enhance competitive advantage. Responsible for staying on top of new models available and their strengths/weaknesses (eg claude, gpt, open source), model version capabilities and unlocks (v3.5 vs 4 vs 5), model cost management/optimization, etc.

What We’ll Love About You

  • Comfort with Ambiguity: The ability to positively and proactively manage teams through the uncertain and rapidly evolving landscape of Martech & AI. This Director needs to navigate through uncertainty with confidence, making informed decisions with incomplete information and being resilient in the face of setbacks or changes in direction. Innate ability to self-structure.
  • Speed and Agility in Execution: The ability to drive projects forward quickly and efficiently is crucial. This involves setting clear, ambitious goals for the team and fostering an environment where speed is balanced with quality. The Director must excel at identifying and removing bottlenecks, ensuring that teams are nimble and can pivot or accelerate based on feedback and market dynamics. This director needs to have a strong bias for action and anticipate needs.
  • Strategic Vision and Foresight: Maintaining a strong strategic vision is vital, enabling the Director to identify long-term opportunities that align with the company's growth objectives. This includes understanding market trends, customer needs, and potential technological advancements to guide the development of innovative products that meet future demands.
  • Leadership in Innovation and Experimentation: Encouraging a culture of innovation where team members are empowered to experiment and propose creative solutions is key. The Director should lead by example, promoting an environment where innovative ideas are celebrated, and failures are viewed as learning opportunities, fostering a resilient and forward-thinking team.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration and Influence: The capacity to work across different parts of the organization and influence without direct authority is critical. This Director must build strong relationships with various teams, including our PDE, G&A and GTM teams, ensuring alignment and swift execution. This involves excellent communication skills, empathy, and the ability to motivate and guide teams towards common goals.
  • Effective Communicator: That can translate technical ideas and solutions to non-technical teams. Communicates of how parts of a system fit together, from the user interface to the data model
  • AI Operations Expert: Experience with AI Ops & tooling specific to LLMs (e.g., vector databases, RAG, prompt ops, frameworks like PyTorch) to enhance and streamline LLM development and deployment. Experience with generative and predictive technology and tooling. Has designed an end-to-end machine learning model lifecycle, from prototyping, implementing & evaluating various Machine Learning models (traditional algorithms, deep learning models and Large Language Models), followed by deployment and monitoring using AWS tools. Leads and advocates for engineering best practices in machine learning (code quality, testing, monitoring, model evaluation, to name a few).

What You’ll Love About Us

  • Salary range of USD $250,000-$350,000 base plus significant equity regardless of location
  • High growth startup - plenty of room for you to directly impact the company and grow your career!
  • Remote team - work from home (or wherever!)
  • Fun - We’re passionate and enjoy what we do
  • Flexible paid time off
  • Health, dental, vision insurance
  • Other great perks

You are welcome here. Postscript is an ever-evolving place of equal employment for talented individuals.