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Televeda Systems promotes the use of wellness technology in the residential settings of seniors to ensure continued independence and a positive aging process. Core areas of focus include: Safety and Security Chronic Disease Management Early Illness Detection and Prevention Medication Management Cognitive and Spiritual Fitness Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation Advocate to Help Navigate the Long-term care system Customized Aging Planning Agile Team for Crisis Management Personal Health Education Nurse & Specialist Supports Read further on what Benefits the program can offer here Why Should You Join the Empowered Living Program? The Empowered Living program is not motivated by the economics of senior-care, but our approach emanates from an important cultural and social aspect. The majority of elderly people do not want to go to assisted living centers. The current scenario is quite dismal where the greatest fear of seniors is displacement from home, and then death. Today technology has reached a comprehensive point where seniors should not have to be treated in second-class terms. This is where Televeda's Empowered Living program steps in and offers a solution for in-home care using state of the art assisstive technologies. With a wide offering of remote monitoring, emergency response, and health-and-wellness management solutions- Televeda helps reduce costs, increase independence and enhance caregiver experiences. Installation is easy, and all monitoring is non-intrusive upholding the privacy and dignity of the individual. Communities are already ripe with seniors who desire care-services post home-health discharge, but do not meet eligibility requirements. The senior is always considered a partner in this relationship. Without altering the lifestyle, the senior's home and body is now a monitored environment in the hands of the senior.
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Founded in 7/01/2018
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