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TheraSpecs Company, started in 2012, designs, manufactures and sells thoughtfully-designed, precision-tinted glasses that help relieve light sensitivity associated with migraine, concussion, TBI, chronic headache, epilepsy and more. TheraSpecs began with a drive to help people with migraine to get out of the dark and to reclaim their lives and the activities they value. The problem we address goes far beyond migraine alone. Millions of Americans, and tens of thousands of US Military veterans are affected by traumatic brain injury and concussion every year. Most of them are sensitive to light as a result, many of them will be sensitive to light for years or decades after their injuries. TheraSpecs work by filtering the wavelengths of light and the rapid, imperceptible pulsing in fluorescent lights that are most likely to cause a pain response or trigger attacks. Not only is the TheraSpecs tint backed by peer-reviewed clinical research, but hundreds of headache specialists and neurologists have recommended our product to thousands of patients – 90% of whom have found relief from fluorescent lighting, computer and mobile device screens, bright sunshine, outdoor glare, and other painful light.

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